Thursday, November 18, 2010

My dogs new love....

So it's dog now loves my boyfriend more than me. She goes absolutely nuts when he comes over. When we both come in at the same time...she runs right to him and barely notices that I am in the room. If he goes to give me a hug and or kiss while sitting on the couch...she gets up in his face to try to separate us. And whenever I leave the house alone she is usually okay with it...but if him and I leave together...she literally howls as we walk out the door. My poor neighbors!

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  1. Wendy, my wife and I have 4 dogs 2 were hers and 2 were mine before we married. Now my dachshund Mikey is all about her or her Mom (who also moved into my house). I am so glad they love my kids as much as I do but I miss my little boy. My older dog Shamrock is still all about Mommy though. : )