Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wedding plans...

The wedding plans are moving right along. So far...we have secured the location for the ceremony and reception. Hired a photographer and DJ and decided on the hotel we would like to stay at. It's a lot of work but the fun kind. Still a lot to do on the to do list but I feel better getting so much done so quickly. Going out to look for a dress this weekend too. Still have to decide on who will perform the ceremony, flowers, get the rings and all that other fun stuff. I was majorly stressed at first but since so much is done at this point I feel much more relaxed...aside from the fact that I worry we won't have enough money!!! Do you enjoy your wedding planning or was it stressful?


  1. Hi wendy,
    I heard about your plans to include Tucker in your wedding during my drive to work today. I got married in Surf City on the beach last July so I know the area pretty well. My guess is that you're having your wedding at Mallard, Bonnett or the old Quarter Deck. (can't remember its new name) Don't worry I won't try to crash! Anyhow, we have a dog too and for a while I thought we were going to have to bring him down for the week and would need somewhere for him to go for the reception.
    Lucky's Bed & Biscuit on Bay Avenue in Manahawkin looks cute but since we ended up getting a house/pet sitter I never went there or anything. Just wanted to let you kow. Good luck with all the planning & congratualtions to you & Joe!

  2. I am getting married in June and although
    my church will not allow my dog inside he is still allowed at the countryclub inside and on the golfcourse. He can't be In the dinning area but the sitter will take him after pictures have been taken. We are also having pictures at a local park to make sure our ring bearer is well photographed with us. He is too important to be overlooked on this special day. INCLUDE YOUR DOG in the wedding

  3. Loved my wedding planning. so much so that I wanted to be a wedding planner afterwards. I still want to be a wedding planner for people on a budget. Loved it so much! Even though we had some issues at the end when we thought everything was planned still worked out and was amazing. Just remember, no matter what the hiccups are the days before or the day of, you are still marrying the one you love and that is all that counts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Wendy,

    MOB here. My daughter lives in DC and is doing much of the planning herself.....still....I honestly just want the day to get here so we can see the end result. Want all my kids to elope and then throw a big party afterward!!! lol Seriously though, try not to stress to much....remember you cannot please everyone and that this is your wedding and not anyone elses.

  5. I enjoyed every bit of planning my wedding, and was so happy how smoothly and flawlessly things turned out. I actually enjoyed it so much I started my own wedding planning company. I wish you and Joe all the best!

  6. Hey Wendy - I listen to you guys every morning and never thought to email you about the wedding (duh)! Do you have a wedding planner? Every bride should consider a planner at least for the day of the wedding to make sure that you don't have to worry about a thing and that everything goes exactly as planned. I would be happy to talk to you if you need any advice - I'm a professional wedding planner and I know that there are a TON of details that need tending to - I was listening to the show this morning and it sounds like you are moving along right on track, but it never hurts to have some professional advice, so please feel free to give me a shout -
    Best of Luck!

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